Type Scams On Tourists

Fraud is the last thing you want when traveling. Fraud can extort money and your time during the trip. Therefore, consider the following types of fraud that are common in both.In this world, many types of scams on tourists when traveling. Unfortunately again, maybe you're not aware of being in a situation of fraud that is going on. Awareness and information about local places are the things you should do first. Also, note the types of fraud island of diverse kinds.this is the 7 types of scams that you should know:

1. Police intercepted fakeThis is one mode of fraud is often the case, the fake cop. They often target foreign tourists who come to the country. They are fake cops who will intercept you just like a real cop. Typically, they will see your passport and visa, and finding fault with you. After that you will argue with them, ultimately they will ask for some money to come to terms. Some of the many famous destinations gadungannya police are Central and South America, Eastern Europe, Africa, and central Asia.To anticipate this, you'll want to prepare completeness passport, visa, and self-identity. In addition, the previous study and obey the rules of the destination that you attended. The important thing is not to panic!

2. Cheated local transport 

In addition to airport taxi, local transportation at the destination can also deceive you. Normally, they would invite to a place you do not want to go, such as a gift shop. Not only that, they will raise a freight rate higher. Before boarding a local transport, you should ask first to the surrounding community or local security officers.You can ask what the price normally goes up the vehicle and routes which are usually passed. Some of these cases occurred in the famous destinations, such as the tuk-tuk in Thailand or rickshaw in Yogya.

3. "Plus you hit dirt ' 

As I was walking, all of a sudden someone comes to you and says, 'You got dirt clothes'. At that time also, they will help you clean dirt attached to your clothes. You will feel honored to have been helped by that person.But, do not smile once. It is a mode of deception that often occur in European countries and South America. When they are 'cleaning up', that's when they'll pinch your wallet or valuables in an instant. You would not expect. Therefore, always be alert and keep your belongings in the safest place. 
4. Requesting donations fake 

Several requests for charitable donations is not always good. Some mischievous elements, utilizing donations for his own benefit. They put the names of NGOs to convince the tourists. Coupled with costumes and subtle speech, they will extort money from you.What to do? Avoid these individuals as soon as possible and do not sit alone in public places. Typically, the requesting donations will approach you while sitting alone at the station, terminal, or other public places. Requesting donations fake you can find in many parts of the world. 

5.  Invitation eating with strangers 

This scam is the person you've just met and he invites you to eat or hang-hang out in cafes. Because it feels familiar, you're probably not good to refuse his request and agreed.After a meal or a drink in the cafe, suddenly these people leave you. You also do not know where it goes man. Soon, the waiter gave the bill came in an amount not less, and you have to pay. Woe!To that end, do not be too easy to close when acquainted with people you just met. Familiarize yourself to refuse an invitation to search for the right reasons. You could be lying by saying to rest in the hotel or meet relatives. Fraud can happen anywhere. 
6. Taking money that falls 

Fraud is usually the case in Russia. As you walk, suddenly there was someone who dropped the money. Just then, another man appeared who took the money and want to share half with you. Maybe, you even harder to resist. Then before long, people were dropping money will come to you. He asked for his money refunded in full amount, whereas you only got half of it.Therefore, do not just believe and agree with the wishes of others. In this situation, you should refuse the money divided equally and immediately report the incident to local security officials. 
That is some kind of fraud in some destinations that you should look. Remember, stay alert, do not panic, and get as much information about your destination destinations. Learning from the experience of other traveler can also be your guide during the trip. Happy traveling!